A BOX STORY  Children's Picture Book Written & Illustrated by Kenneth Kit Lamug

A Box Story is an award winning illustrated picture book that invites the reader to look at things in a different way. With the use of hand drawn images, you are taken through simple thought provoking ideas about a box and how it is not just a box.

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About the book:

The idea for "A Box Story" came to me in a dream. I woke up at that moment and sketched out the idea right away. Within the next few days I had put aside all the projects I was working on and poured my heart into the book.

My original intention was to keep the drawings simple and in black and white, leaving the reader to use their imagination in interpreting the images. I eventually decided to give a splash of color to the illustrations while retaining the intended subtle message.

The metaphor for the box is not an entirely new idea, but I felt a deep personal connection in its "meaningful simplicity" that I had to share it in my own unique way. I hope that the reader is affected in the same way and that the idea grows in their mind and heart as it did in mine.

About the author/illustrator:

Kenneth Kit Lamug is an award-winning photographer, an illustrator, filmmaker & writer. "A Box Story" is his first picture book. For more information please visit www.RabbleBoy.com and www.KenLamug.com. He is also a regular contributor to Underneath a Juniper Tree, an online children's literary magazine that showcases scary stories and artwork.

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The author/illustrator also goes under the moniker RabbleBoy. You can enjoy many of his illustrations via his web site www.RabbleBoy.com
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Many thanks to all my friends and family who constantly inspire, encourage and challenge to think outside the box.


The simple illustrations are imaginative and often beautiful with eye-catching colors. The best thing about the book is the open ending with its invitation for young readers to fill their own boxes.


With a nod to the fact that containers often interest kids as much as what’s inside, a web designer meditates on the many uses of this most practical (and abstract) of packages: “A box can keep your secrets . . . or reveal an unexpected surprise.” Lovely and inspiring.

Book Information:

Category: Children's Picture Book, Age: 4+
Author & Illustrator: Kenneth Kit Lamug
Size: Square 7" x 7" (17.78 x 17.78 cm)
Pages: 40 pages. Available in full color trade bound or hardbound.
ISBN-13: 978-0615581477 (Custom Universal)
ISBN-10: 0615581471
Library of Congress Control Number: 2011963578
Edition: First Edition January 2012

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Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” ~ Pablo Picasso

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2012 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards
for Children's Picture Book (Silver)

2012 Pinnacle Awards

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Best First Picture Book &
Children's Literary Classics
Seal of Approval

Literary Classics Award Winning Books

"Young audiences will surely find enjoyment within the pages of this clever little book."

National Indie Excellence Book Awards 2012 Finalist

Literary Agent Bree Ogden of
This Literary Life Says:

Something that I found incredibly remarkable about the illustrations is that the box stays in the same place on every single page, but becomes something new and exciting every time you flip to a new page. This gives the reader the impression that it is in fact, the same box being used for a myriad of adventures.The words are simple but thought-provoking. They help build the imagination while simultaneously challenging the reader to find a purpose for their box. A purpose all of their own. Every child will want to build a life inside a box after reading this story.

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